Financial Literacy…It’s Exciting!

It was a wonderful Sunday morning… Instead of doing nothing at home (in the name of relaxation), my wife and I joined an informative and insightful seminar at Dewan Cempaka PKNS Bangi.

Seminar Pengurusan Kewangan organized by ISMA (Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia) was really inspiring. The speakers – so experience, well known and friendly! If you an up-to-date business or financial-aware person, you should know them – Hajah Rohani bt Datuk Hj Mohd Shahir and Hj. Mahadzir from Hijrah Consultancy.

Alhamdulillah, we’ve learned a lot of things during that 2 hour session! Especially on how to ensure your mal (property and money) to be always in compliance with the syariah regulations.

And we appreciated our financial literacy, strength and weakness more than before. And alhamdulillah, it shows us the way to brighter financial future with better financial planning.

Badr : Orang boros macam Badr, require this kind of seminar! Hehehe!

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  1. ISMADHL Says:


    Layari —> http://ismadhl. wordpress. com/2009/ 07/13/seminar_ pengurusan_ kewangan_ julai2009

    Terima kasih atas sokongan anda ke seminar ini.


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