Networking Is Totally Important!

Last week I invested my time, energy and money joining Malaysian Association of Professional Speaker (MAPS) National Convention 2009 in PWTC.

(Initially been forced by my wife) I went there with my fantastic buddies, Coach Sha, Coach Ridz, Bro. Amin Idris and Bro. Fadzli Yusof. All of us are new to this association but feel so comfortable meeting all those new people.

Some of them are very successful business people, some of them are great trainers, some of them are wonderful speakers and the most important part is, all of them are energetic and well experienced!

I can’t list the name of famous people that I met here (coz too many) but the most influential persons (for me) throughout the convention would be Mr. Tony Fernandez (CEO of Air-Asia), Dato’ Maznah Hamid (CEO of Securiforce), Prof. Dato’ Dr. Sheikh Omar,  Datuk Lawrence Chan, Bro. Rizal, Bro. Jackson Ng and …ish, many more lah! The bottom line is they’ve moved me to the next level of thinking, action and attitude!


One of the remarkable events is NETWORKING!!! Yeah! Meeting new people is incredible moment. What I realize is that, when u meet new people, u’ll feel much-much better! U’ll feel that your friends are everywhere… U’ll feel that u know everybody in every fields of life. And it entitles u to enjoy the feelings of well-connected to the world! Easy to ask for assistance, reference or at least sharing information!

More friends you make, more opportunities you create…!!! 

 Badr : Thanks to all!!

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