Why I Can Enjoy My Busy Moment?!!

Salam sejahtera semua…

Apa khabar? Harap semuanya sihat! Yup..i’m do really busy lately… I’m sorry to those who miss my words. Thanks for your emails and comments…

Indeed it’s not easy to maintain an up-to-date blog while living up a busy life… But, it doesn’t means that i hate my life. I never say that i dislike being busy.

U know why? Because i’m busy with stuffs that i absolutely like to do! Yup, as long as you’re doing something that u like, it won’t make you tired, exhausted and bored. And the most important thing, you will enjoy every moment of the BUSYness!

Baru-baru ni, banyak betul program dan jemputan yang Badr perlu penuhi… (Alhamdulillah…rezeki). Nak cerita satu-satu macam makan masa korang semua. So, just take a look at my BaDR’s Program Terkini at the right corner of this page.

I’ve been in Penang for Seminar Bijak Berbicara with Majlis Perbandaran Seberang Perai (organized by Dewan Bahasa & Pustaka)… Sharing some public speaking tips with HPA business leaders (although i’m not HPA member) at Seminar Bijak Berbicara HPA in Broga… Giving some tips on how to become motivated in office environment during Majlis Pelancaran Uniform dan Lonjakan Khidmat Mesra AZIM 2009… and many many more…

At the same time, my colleagues and I were so busy bidding for tender from Maxis… We are competing to become the co-organizer for Maxis Cyberkids Program 2009. InsyaAllah, kalau ada rezeki, we’ll be the one.

And now, while writing this, i’m preparing my slides and content for this evening training at AMPAC. After that, need to pack all my stuffs because tomorrow morning, we’ll be back to Penang. Why? This Monday morning we’ll go straight to POLIMAS, Jitra for Seminar Komunikasi & Temuduga Gemilang!

Pray for our success ya!

Badr : Walaupun sibuk, alhamdulillah tak penat… Why? Hehehe…

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