It needs DESIRE!

How to be good in public speaking? I will say that DESIRE is everything. The desire to learn, to study and to master the profound skills is the highest requirement!

It doesn’t matter who u are..where u from…the most demanding factor is; whether u WANT TO LEARN IT OR NOT?

I’ve been encountering many people who claim that learning public speaking is an uphill task. But when I ask them back, why do u want to learn public speaking?, they just smiled and say nothing. In other words, they really do not know why they must master this skills. And they do not want to learn the skills.

Come on, how can we teach somebody who don’t want to be taught? Useless and wasting time!

Few days back, there is a man come and see me. He said he really want to learn public speaking skills and master the art of presentation. From his tone of voice, I can imagine that he is so serious about his words. Then I said, “OK, we gonna have our training from 10am-12pm.” He was suprised and asked me back, “only 2 hours? are u sure u can change me in two hours?”

I smiled and said, “wait and see…”

Alhamdulillah after experiencing 2 hours coaching session with me, that guy, Mr Sabri, has improved a lot. And the most important thing, he’s now more confident and speak with wonderful intonation. Then he mentioned to me that he was so satisfied with the training.

I said, “Alhamdulillah…u know why I said we only need 2 hours? Because u have a strong desire to learn! And this kind of desire is the key to master public speaking!”

In conclusion, u better realize that the desire to learn is the first and most exceptional step to become a great speaker! Create the desire, then the path towards your target will be cleared!

Badr : I want to manifest 2000 great speakers!

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