Trust… Built or Self Created…?

Trust is not something that can be created instantenously… Trust is gained… It is built through time… But there must be a way to build trust right?

Yes! When there is a will, surely there is a way! Building trust is not the same like making new friends. Trust is beyond friendship. The depth is too deep to guess…And the width is too wide to measure…

We can build trust in this simple but yet challenging way…

In order to build trust, you have to reveal some personal information and feelings to your friend/partner. Yup, it will ease the tension and loose the confusion towards your real personalities. Because people will be comfortable with other people when they know some background about them. That’s the principle.

Because based on background information, we could know further about the people. We can simply understand their behaviours and sayings. And we won’t be bothered if they act in a way that seems weird to us… Why? Because we know their personal information and feelings…

Thus, in creating trust in your relationship, start with revealing your ‘secret’ to your partner. Something that is tolerable to be shared with some kind of people that u want to be closed to. But remember, don’t trust anybody too much. Please reserve some information so that other won’t take advantage on your secrets…

Anyway, building trust is tougher than merely spell it out. It takes time… But please bear in mind, once the trust is breached, it will be gone in a twinkling of an eye!

Badr : Trust people after u made research about him/her…Test him/her first… Because our trust is so expensive…

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