The clock ticking faster than before… I can hear the “tick tock tick tock“… But i still blurrr… Tinggal tak sampai dua hari lagi nak jadi suami orang… Just now I got a phone call from a counsellor, wishing me “Selamat Pengantin Baru”… She had invited me to her school for some talks… She told my fiancee’s mum (bakal mak mertua le ni) invited her to come to the kenduri… And the phone call doesn’t stop there… She also invites me to come to her school again for public speaking training… Kira dua dalam satu le ni. Ucapan tahniah dan lamaran ceramah…hehe

It’s not easy actually to come back often to Penang. So I told the counsellor to discuss with her friends from other schools to do the same events at their respective schools so that I can come to Penang with a fully loaded programs! Haha..bijak tak? Cikgu pula yang tolong promote kat sekolah lain! Alhamdulillah…rezeki…rezeki…

Ok, got to go! Nak settle some petty issues pertaining bunga telur, riben, hiasan katil and so on… Bye!

Badr: I thought marriage ceremony is not this complex! But anyway, I enjoy every second of it!

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